What is Transition Management?

Transition Management is an end-to-end service that allows asset owners to reposition their allocations between investment managers while managing market risk and reducing explicit and implicit transaction costs.

Types of activities that involve Transition Management:

Manager changes

Plan rebalancing

Benchmark shifts

Fund closures, launches, and mergers

The right transition manager will:

Reduce costs

Reduce risks

Reduce stress

Serve as an extension of staff resources

Our Competitive Advantages

Agency Trading

Our agency-only model is a vital safeguard against inherent conflicts of interest. Our sole objective is to act on our client’s behalf. We do not take the other side of client trades and we do not trade for our own account.

Risk Management

Our proprietary suite of TCA and risk management tools is leveraged to the client's benefit. These tools inform all aspects of our approach, and yield measurably superior executions.

Operational Expertise

Our team of project managers serve as an extension of your staff, developing a comprehensive blueprint to success and coordinating with all parties throughout.