A Measured Approach Using Trade Compass

Revopex's innovative web-based pre-trade tool, Trade Compass, enables global institutions to determine the liquidity of their investment holdings. It evaluates them as a percentage of typical daily volume, then estimates the time required to liquidate each holding or the entire portfolio.

The inverse relationship between opportunity cost and market impact remains the single most overwhelming cost factor in any large trade. If trading is done too rapidly, the trades move the market. If done too slowly, the market may move against the trades. The goal is to trade the optimal number and size of trades over the right time-frame.

Revopex's pre-trade analysis examines portfolio positions, liquidity, and price behavior to identify high-risk positions. We use our extensive data bank of historical statistics to make inferences about the relative risk of a position. We can then produce multiple cost estimates based on proprietary algorithms that incorporate stock liquidity, price behavior, and market impact functions.

Goal-Based Execution Strategies Using Trade Pulse

Trade Pulse, our real-time tool, combines intra-day and real-time measurement functionality. Keeping communications open, we offer up-to-the-minute reporting throughout the trading day. Building upon our experience in developing industry leading TCA products, we are then able to:

Quantify the costs of a portfolio or single securities at any given time

View costs to complete a trade (at any time)

Easily identify names moving away from or closer to your stated benchmark

Offer a pivot table report and export functionality

Trading Technology Advantage

Proprietary trading technologies allow our traders to monitor executions against every other trader in the market. Our trading system is equipped with an internally developed VWAP engine that allows our traders to determine how aggressively they want to participate in the market and at what volume levels.

Post-Trade Analysis Using Trade-Zoom

Trade-Zoom is our web-based post–trade measurement product that lets you drill down from expansive views of all your trading to the appropriate level of detail on any single trade.

Trade-Zoom provides information on your trading strategies, with time-specific data for every step of the trading process. With over 150 possible measures built into Trade-Zoom, you can go right to the analytics that interest you most. Features include:

Peer comparisons gleaned from one of the largest global universes of data available

Interactive graphing depicting manager order timing decisions and order executions

Customized executive summary analysis for compliance, trading , portfolio management, best execution committees and fund boards

Timely and accurate report delivery

What Do You Want to Know?

The drill-down transparency of Trade-Zoom lets you slice the data any way you want. You can look at your costs and strategies in an almost infinite number of ways with all of the popular computations embedded in the tool from the start.

We also customize the product to each organization, setting up quick-views for questions you want to regularly track. It is particularly adept at revealing trading costs. Here are some questions Trade-Zoom can help answer:

How much did the price move while we were in the market?

How did we trade versus the market?

How did we trade based on price-volume considerations?

How did portfolio style affect my trading costs?

Which brokers provide my organization with superior executions?